Friday, April 20, 2012

Joining PMSPKAL is not easy at all.
Yes, it seems like you are top of all SPKAL students,
but the same time,
the stress you face was double or even triple or even more compare with others,
for the first time,
i work with people where come from a different states in malaysia even from china,
at first,
i dont think IS will give us cooperation,
but now,
it seems local people even worst compare with IS,
i not regret join this,
its a way for me to learn ,
to grow,
to see,
to identify,
i am superb busy compare with 1 sem,
but i learn more compare with 1sem.
thanks to those who try to pull me down,
thanks to those who supporting me all the way,
and thanks to those who believe me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


U are miles away from me,
But yet,
I still miss you,
I try to make myself busy in order to forget you,
But seems like not working at all,
How do u do?
Saw ur blog,
Seems like you are also facing relationship problem,
Wish u can choose ur Mr. Right.
All the best