Wednesday, August 15, 2012


one and half month holidays seems like come to the end,
i stil don have mood to pack my baggage,
its clearly show that i don wan go back to that peaceful island.

ok, what i did throughout this holidays?
went cameron highland with family and relative, 
and of cos langkawi island with lembu(s),
what i gain from these trips?
erm, honestly, i don know. 
i only know i spend too much, haha

now, i think, i should think about when i going to start pack my baggage and online check in.
time, can u jz move a little bit slower?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodbye to the active Peik Wen

" Girl, from ur x-ray, there shown ur spinal have some problem, we suspect the tissue at ur spinal was badly injury, therefore, u can't continue the training and not suitable to carry heavy duties and you have to stop ur sport activities. You have to be ready for your long term physiotherapy treatment until its get better. So, since you going back ur hometown soon, i giving u a letter, and u bring it to the general hospital to start ur physiotherapy and continue when u come back Labuan. " Doctor Ruban

Are you trying to tell me i gonna be OKU soon?
I cnt go for any sport events?
Funny you, doctor.
Why u want to tell me?
Why i have to suffer from this stupid tissue injury and its at my spinal.
Ok, i surrender, i just go for long term treatment, 
as long as i still can walk, i wont ask for more, 
js wan be healthy.

Holidays with doctor.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The day you went away

The day i don't wish it come,
The day i know i you gonna leave this room forever,
The day i have to send you off.

23rd June, 
Woke up early and together we went airport to fetch you mum and sis,
You superb happy when u saw them,
And , i know, u gonna say goodbye in nxt few hours.

u came back to hostel to take all ur things, 
and i know, 
i really know,
u gonna go.
i wont cry,
in fact i wish u good luck and hug u.
and you told me,
"I will wait for your return, baobei"

The day you went away.

Thursday, June 14, 2012






而我,真心的祝福,祈祷, 妳的未来是光芒的。


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A friend that no longer call a friend

Its been 8 years friendship.
And you said i have attitude problem,
Please use ur 1% of brain and think bout urself,
Are you prefect? Don't u also have attitude problem? Don't u think u treacherous too?
Please don't get me wrong, i am not saying i did nothing wrong.
First, u posting all this fuck in facebook and the other hand mention that u agree to solve problem face to face,then come on and solve,
Second, u said i copy answer during exam, and please kindly ask urself, ur so call good friend now also did the same during mid term right?
And remember, i not copy but yet i admit i did ask for answer since i have plenty of time therefore i talk to friend,
Please don't judge my action without knowing from me,
Since u like to listen to others rather than litigant,
Then go ahead believe them which only make friend with u for three years.
I just can comment that you too selfish for urself, 
Who treated u bad , u will plan a way for ur revenge.
Because of u, the world become no longer peaceful.

Bout you, the little J,
Please dont think i need u badly in my uni life instead of remember that u need me more in ur assignment,
But i am great that i dont need become ur group members after this, 
I looking forward to see how u all perform and present with a new group members which easily get nervous during presentation.
Thanks for letting me know that u all was such busy body , spread around ppl news without notice that u guys were also the same level, maybe a little bit lower than me.

U all jz jealous of me thats why u guys are back stepped me . this is what i remind myself.