Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A friend that no longer call a friend

Its been 8 years friendship.
And you said i have attitude problem,
Please use ur 1% of brain and think bout urself,
Are you prefect? Don't u also have attitude problem? Don't u think u treacherous too?
Please don't get me wrong, i am not saying i did nothing wrong.
First, u posting all this fuck in facebook and the other hand mention that u agree to solve problem face to face,then come on and solve,
Second, u said i copy answer during exam, and please kindly ask urself, ur so call good friend now also did the same during mid term right?
And remember, i not copy but yet i admit i did ask for answer since i have plenty of time therefore i talk to friend,
Please don't judge my action without knowing from me,
Since u like to listen to others rather than litigant,
Then go ahead believe them which only make friend with u for three years.
I just can comment that you too selfish for urself, 
Who treated u bad , u will plan a way for ur revenge.
Because of u, the world become no longer peaceful.

Bout you, the little J,
Please dont think i need u badly in my uni life instead of remember that u need me more in ur assignment,
But i am great that i dont need become ur group members after this, 
I looking forward to see how u all perform and present with a new group members which easily get nervous during presentation.
Thanks for letting me know that u all was such busy body , spread around ppl news without notice that u guys were also the same level, maybe a little bit lower than me.

U all jz jealous of me thats why u guys are back stepped me . this is what i remind myself.