Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodbye to the active Peik Wen

" Girl, from ur x-ray, there shown ur spinal have some problem, we suspect the tissue at ur spinal was badly injury, therefore, u can't continue the training and not suitable to carry heavy duties and you have to stop ur sport activities. You have to be ready for your long term physiotherapy treatment until its get better. So, since you going back ur hometown soon, i giving u a letter, and u bring it to the general hospital to start ur physiotherapy and continue when u come back Labuan. " Doctor Ruban

Are you trying to tell me i gonna be OKU soon?
I cnt go for any sport events?
Funny you, doctor.
Why u want to tell me?
Why i have to suffer from this stupid tissue injury and its at my spinal.
Ok, i surrender, i just go for long term treatment, 
as long as i still can walk, i wont ask for more, 
js wan be healthy.

Holidays with doctor.