Sunday, March 18, 2012

17 3 2012

17 . 3 . 2012
Great that have the opportunity to see to watch third year seniors FYP,
I still have lots to learn to ensure that one day i could be like them, presented it with full of confidence and clear to the audiences.
Well Done, Casey Hong, Rochelle Soo, Cool Fung, and others that already present,
What a relief to them.
Haha ^^

Well, weekend not only jz end like this,
done with FYP,
outing for celebration is a must for them, i think,
going out with my senior is the climax of the day,
is fun that i could spend my time with senior,
Bah kut teh, Mcd,
wow, full and superb full,
spending time with senior for that three hours will never be enough,
wish we could have more time,
i don't know whether others know about our outing or not,
i wish, i pray,
no one see IT,
Anywhere, have a great time with senior,
start to miss that moment.

Here come midnight,
what i got,
Is Hot Red Bean Soup,
credit to Rochelle Soo,
ur soup warm me up during raining day,
make my wind wet a little bit better,

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